Spring 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

Now that it's finally feeling like Spring in Ohio (next week will be 60s-70s everyday, eeek!) I'm doing the whole "Spring cleaning" thing in almost every spot in my home, starting with my closet. I've recently purchased a few things I've had my heart set on for a while and it's inspired me to go through some old pieces of clothing and really think about if I still love them and will wear them this Spring & Summer. 

Because I have so many staple pieces already that you already know about and likely own too (black joggers and leggings, for example) there is a lot outside of this list that I'll be sporting this Spring. The items I'll be covering in this post are either A) recent purchases or B) things I still want/need. Also keep in mind that I'll be trying to buy secondhand first, because I can't tell you how many times I've had something on my ISO (in search of) list that I put in an online cart and ended up finding at the thrift store a few days or weeks later. If I can't find it at a thrift or consignment store, then it forces me to think "Is this item worth paying retail for?" or even "Is this something that I still believe will complete my wardrobe and I'll get lots of use out of?"